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Project Overview






May 2024 – April 2028


8.023.357.50 euros

Type of action

Horizon -IA

BioProtect will co-develop and demonstrate transferable ecosystem-based solutions to accelerate the effective protection and restoration of biodiversity in marine and coastal ecosystems.

BioProtect will develop and promote the use of an area-based management decision support framework (ABM-DSF) to support ecosystem-based MSP (EB-MSP) and reduce multiple interacting pressures from human activities in European seas. The BioProtect ABM-DSF includes:

  • Recommendations for good governance and management.
  • Procedures and technologies to activate and engage citizens and
    stakeholders in co-design and decision-making.
  • Strategies to map, monitor and forecast changes in marine biodiversity.
  • Process to identify risks and adaptive measures to reduce pressures from
    human activities on marine biodiversity.
  • Decision support tool (DST) for ecosystem-based conservation and
    restoration planning.
  • Impact assessment workflows to understand the ecological and socio-
    economic consequences of management options.
  • Capacity building to facilitate the use of the framework.